Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Transforming Young People with A History of Violence into Peace Ambassadors.

Creative skills for peace marks the end of the pilot phase of its youth4peace project, and the beginning of yet a big storm full of positive energy for the nations youths.

The feeling of impacting knowledge to a group of youths whom society considers as dangerous, is immeasurable, especially when you can observe first hand the growth and progress in positive change brought about by the skills transferred to his generation.

One can only be happy, that the first step in a journey of a thousand miles, was completed with such tremendous success.

The enthusiasm with which these trainees worked with, and the devotion into consecrating their time in honing these acquired skills to bring about positive changes to their lives, and the hope of them impacting their friends and other youths considered deviant, one could only but see in a distance not so far, a beautiful future for our youths, and in due time, the whole world, as generations to come will bask in the beauty of developing talents for maintaining world peace.

With these accomplishment being just a foundation, we could, with no doubt, say, the genesis of the project marked a tremendous success.

Together we always believe in building a stronger nation.


Here in picture is the summary of the entire pilot phase.
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Launching of activities

Launching of activities
Trainees attending their second lessons in basic computer sciences.
Trainees showing what the have learnt under the supervision of their trainer for production of paper bags.
Trainees putting into practice what they have learnt so far in basic computer sciences.
Soap production. Trainees participating and taking notes as they go through day 1 of thew 3 days step by step production of soap.
Trainees going through day 2 of the 3 days production of soap, mixing the ingredients under the supervision of their trainer.
Final day, day 3 of 3 days production of soap. Trainees grinding the solid soap to have soap powder. 
Trainees packaging the soap.
Grown chickens which were nursed by the trainees. Final day of training, close of activities. Trainees preparing 2 chickens for the feast.
Presentation on paper bag production by one of the trainees with the bag he produced.
Closing day ceremonies, presentation of gifts by LOYOC representative to the hierarchy of Borstal Institute.

Closing ceremony, involving appreciation speech by director, words of encouragement, presentation of soap production by trainee, and word of appreciation by trainees.
Finalizing the day with a game of football between trainees and LOYOC members.


  1. Very beautiful. Would really love to be a part of such a project. Hope others take example from you guys.

  2. Wonderful, you are welcome to join Us. together WE CAN

  3. Boutchouang Nghomsi10 June 2016 at 06:19

    good job guys

  4. Looking forward to the next project. This one was awesome.